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Hello... Welcome to the world of SeaMaidenGems,
where for a while you can dive into gems and pearls...have a chance to view delicious jewels that will make any woman feel chic, feminie and sexy........I hope you enjoy, please feel free to comment and thank you for stopping by......

Jewellery is available from my website

or please contact me for details or commission pieces

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Thursday 10 February 2011

Hello... back again..
I have been very busy getting ready for the launch of my new website !
My husband and eldest son Jack have been putting it together for me and I am so happy
with how it's coming along...
Jack is a web designer and details can be found on the link to his website below.. It's called "3 double yous" !
Great name isn't it !
He is offering a full bespoke service and web package... please check him out...


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