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Monday 7 May 2012


New For Summer ~ Silk Wrap Bracelets

I have been busy making and I've rather neglected my blog, but here I am, with my latest creations.
I have been creating something completely new for me. Silk wrap bracelets. I  have made a few now and I am having such fun ! The bracelet  cleverly doubles up as a necklace as the soft silk ribbon will adjust to your desired length. I have put them together using sea treasures in the form of delightful hand crafted texture beads from Cornish artist Carolyn Saxby, freshwater pearls, shimmering crystals like sun on the sea and gorgeous recycled aqua glass beads..all hand wired with sterling or copper headpins.. These bracelets are going to be this Summers musthave.. so fashionable and with that special unique touch from SeaMaidenGems...the ribbons are hand dyed and are so soft and very attractive on the wrist.  Take a look at my flickr or find me on facebook to see more..

Hope you likey :)

Sunday 5 February 2012

Dennis ~ Snowy Sunday

I thought you'd like to see a few photos of my gorgeous ginger pudding !

His name is Dennis and he is such an adorable boy !

He is around 11 years old and he loves life.. mind you currently spending most of if indoors, snuggled up on warm fluffy blankets, who wouldn't !!

He is a true lap cat. We have always encouraged him from a kitten to sit and be fussed on our laps or just near to us. It has certainly paid off as he is always with us, stuck like a furry fluff ball...

Hope he brings a smile to your face.. enjoy

Sunday 29 January 2012

Sand has arrived at Seaford Beach !

We took a walk along our beach yesterday and found sand !

The beach here is shingle and we have glorious white cliffs along this stretch of the coastline.. In the 1980's a huge transformation took place and our beach was changed as Seaford was under threat of flooding. They brought in boulders from Spain and tons of shingle from Littlehampton were pumped onto the beach from a ship. The groins were removed and we no longer have the traditional seaside look of Eastbourne, our neighbour, around 10 miles away. Sadly this left us with a large open expanse, some would argue for the better due to the possibility of floods occuring after winter storms. But others disagree. Mother Nature always fights back, and each year we have huge trucks shovelling up tons of shingle back to the top of the beach and flattening it out. It remains somewhat dustly and unsightly at the top as the sea doesn't reach that bit to wash it. But at the moment we have been blessed with beautiful sands, which I hope will remain a while... if you live here, go look as you may never see it again..

The photo showing the groins was taken today at Eastbourne and the other is of Seaford Beach as it is now.

Monday 23 January 2012

It's Not Long Until Valentine's Day

What is love?

There are many answers to this question that must have been asked over centuries of time..

I found this little quote the other day which I will share with you .. I rather like it

“Together, live each day like your last and each night like your first.”

There have been many famous lovers too..
To name a few,

Romeo and Juliet,
Anthony and Cleopatra,
Fred and Ginger,
Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

I have been putting together a collection of jewellery especially for Valentines Day.. hearts, crystals, pearls, sparkles, reds, blues, pinks.. earrings, bracelets and necklaces.. but you will also find other beauties too..

Please do go and check my website, have a peep ! and why not show the man in your life too !!

Thank you for looking
~ Sarah