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Sunday 22 February 2009

Busy Sunday

It's been a hectic day, fitting in all sorts... Ironing included ! Most of my day has been spent photographing my jewellery.. Yesteday we went to our local tile centre. It's a family run business and they are so helpful. I think Dave thought we were going to re-tile our kitchen ! But no.. all Sarah wanted was one large plain white tile..! There was a long queue behind us but no one seemed to mind...

The tile is a background for my photography. We thought it would improve results and Pete has bought a light box too. So I've been playing today and experimenting with different shots and props. We have read up and checked out tutorials and websites, all giving advice on how to take pics of jewellery. However, it's not easy. So far I'm happy with todays results. Photos are really important, especially when you are buying over the internet. So I will await your comments !


  1. Hi Sarah,
    Love that pendant - the colours are so pretty. Why not post a photo of your light box set up on your blog ? I "made" a light box (see my blog !), but haven't got the right lights, so it hasn't been a great success. Did yours come with lights ? I think it may be a good investment ....

  2. Sarah, this is beautiful♥ and I think your photograph is great

  3. Your jewellery is lovely, I found you on Flickr handmade jewellery group.
    Why have I never thought to use a ceramic tile as a background! Good idea. I take all my photos outdoors now. thank goodness for spring and better light!

  4. In the Middle Ages, Moldavite jewelry was given as gifts from royalty to royalty