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Tuesday 17 February 2009

Half Term DIY

Pete's been busy working hard in the house. It's that time of year; spring is in the air.. time for updating and doing those jobs that have been on hold a while. We started with a new boiler ... went on from there re-lagging the loft, nice and toasty ! ... Then we moved onto new taps in the bathroom, I'm very happy with our new updated look. And today Pete has got the new kitchen door on.. locks an all.. Well done Pete !

Half term for me means catching up with paperwork, commissions and sorting the website. I hope for some rest though and maybe at the end of the week a trip into Brighton for a mooch..

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  1. Hi Sarah,
    It's exciting starting a blog isn't it ? I only started mine last November, but am having alot of fun with it. I popped over to your website - lovely jewellery - look forward to seeing more of it soon.