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Thursday, 29 December 2011

New Vintage Collection ~ handmade bespoke Jewellery

I thought I would share with you my new Vintage range of jewellery. SeaMaidenGems have expanded into using copper with vintage style gems and crystals. The range includes earrings and bracelets. I will shortly be making pretty necklaces too. Girls need a bit of sparkle ! Soft moss greens to vivid sea blues and aquas. Hot reds too..

This elegant and chic jewellery is very exciting and in the coming weeks ahead I will post my Spring/Summer collection which will include gems and pearls, the sea colours that I love..

Thank you for looking



  1. Aha, found you again here! Love the new stuff - the colours really pop.

    1. Hi Vicky..
      Thank you for your kind words..I'm glad you found me again too :)

    2. When you will talk about bespoke jewellery or bespoke design, I think it should be unique and new. I do not found the above earrings unique and cannot say that it is a bespoke design.

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